Towards a theory of development and development studies of liberation

April 2024

Dr Sebeka Plaatjie shared critical reflections on development studies and development theory.

Digital poverty and the digitalisation of government service delivery

March 2024

Dr Becky Faith spoke about digital poverty and the digitalisation of government service delivery; drawing on her research in the UK and Nigeria.

Exploring Teachers' Identity - Towards Mental Health Wellbeing with Dr Munir Sewani

November 2023

Dr Sewani - a Charles Wallace Fellow at the Institute of Educational Technology (IET), spoke about the intricate relationship between personal and professional identity, shedding light on the common mental health challenges that teachers encounter in their careers. Dr Sewani then introduce his innovative model of teacher identity exploration, which provides a structured framework for educators to navigate the complexities of their professional roles while safeguarding their mental well-being.

Developing collaborative projects: why, how and with whom with Prof Norman Sartorius

October 2023

Collaboration is essential for addressing complex global development issues. However, challenges such as misaligned priorities, differences in ways of working, and funding issues can hinder effective partnerships. In this seminar, Professor Norman Sartorius discussed how to select partners, conduct studies, and ensure participation benefits.

Reducing poverty and improving wellbeing: time for a new ‘human face’? with Dr Keetie Roelen

September 2023

Dr Keetie Roelen argued that it’s time for a new ‘human face’ in policies that seek to reduce poverty and improve wellbeing. Building on research by Dr Roelen and others, including in Bangladesh, Burundi, and Haiti, Dr Roelen proposes that efforts that take greater account of heterogeneity, precarity, human connection, and wider poverty narratives aren’t merely more dignified and respectful but can also galvanise impact and reduce inequality.

Insight and Experiences from Teacher Professional Development Research

July 2023

Professor Vikas Maniar from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India and Professor Dr Md. Abdul Halim, Professor Dr S M Hafizur Rahman and Professor Mohammad Nure Alam Siddique from the Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, shared insights from their projects and research in Teacher Professional Development (TPD).

Am I a girl? Defining the adolescent stage of life and its impact on educational opportunities

March 2023

This seminar brought together leading actors from academia and the NGO sector to discuss the ways in which girls and young women are framed during adolescence.


Actors, not voices: engaging rural women and girls as researchers

March 2023

This event explored the importance of actively engaging rural women and girls in research processes to strengthen the evidence base and meaningfully inform policy.


What does it mean to ‘adapt an innovation’ when scaling global development projects?

March 2023

This session drew on emerging findings from education projects in different contexts which aim for system change to illustrate how adaptation has occurred in practice and share a tentative model for adaptation to prompt discussion of adaptation in different sectors such as health, nutrition and youth employment, and contexts


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