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Structure of the pre-registration nursing degree programme


This section provides an overview of the way in which the programme is organised. It explains the principles of how the modules that make up the programme are sequenced, how theory and practice hours are distributed and how your student’s learning is assessed. It also identifies the elements that are common to all modules as these provide the structure that guides your student through the required theory and practice learning. Finally you are encouraged to use the link to the OU Nursing Partners website, to explore the information that is available to you there.

Learning in the practice environment is a compulsory part of the PRNP. It enables the integration of theory and practice to achieve the NMC competencies for entry to the register. The programme is made up of a minimum 4,750 hours of combined theory and practice learning, 2,450 hours are specific to theory and 2,300 hours are assigned to learning in practice. This provides students with the opportunity to achieve the NMC competencies and eligibility to apply for entry to the professional register.


At the end of this part of the induction you should be able to:

  • recall how theory and practice modules make up the programme
  • identify the specific resources within a module that can help you and your student to structure learning
  • locate programme information and module materials via the OU Nursing Partners website

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